In 2017 we bought a motorhome and ran away to Europe.

Ok, ok, it was only for 6 weeks - that was all the time off we were allowed. Still, this adventure changed our entire outlook on life. We came home, sold most of our stuff, moved out of our house, saved every penny we could, bought a different motorhome with a sofa (turns out that's a life essential for us!) and I handed in my notice at work.

Now, we travel Europe in our motorhome with our motorbikes towed behind. We're spending 8 weeks over summer exploring Denmark, Sweden, Finland & Norway. When we're not doing that, we're living on our boat in the UK, where I write this blog, film & edit YouTube videos and drink tea. I drink a lot of tea.

I hope you enjoy following our Wandering Bird Adventures!

What to pack for a motorhome road trip

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Handegg Suspension Bridge

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