Our Favourite Things

People ask us all the time what our favourite travel kit is. It's probably the most common question after "How do I plan a Motorhome trip?" and "How much does it cost?"

So, just for you, we've decided to put together some of our best resources, which have all been tried and tested after 12 months, 11 countries and 17,000 miles of motorhome adventures! We update this page whenever we find new kit which needs to be included, so check back regularly or sign up to our mailing list!

(Disclaimer: Yep, some of these are affiliate links, which means we get a small commission if you buy through them (instead of Google getting it.) We hand-pick EVERY item on this list, and we never promote anything we haven't used and love ourselves. If you enjoy what we do here, shopping through these links is a great way to keep us creating and sharing- thank you for your support!

Bestest Fun stuff

They may not be essentials (we'll get to that!) but we believe these things really enhance our adventures and could do the same for yours!

DJI Drone

I know, I know- it's NOT an essential and you have to be very careful where and how you fly it, but we LOVE our drone. Seriously, it makes getting photos of your van in amazing locations so much easier.

Portable Telescope

A new addition to our life but I love it already! Stargazing is one of my favourite things, so now we carry a portable telescope with us in the motorhome. Such an awesome idea- it folds up into a backpack!

Go Pro

We use these on our motorbikes, in the water or when we're exploring ancient castles, Gopros are more robust than a phone, and a lot of fun to play around with! How can you use yours?

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Motorhome Travel Kit

Reversing Camera

This is a godsend at the end of a long day, especially with a trailer. So easy to install and use- we're big fans.

Take a look: Twin rear-view camera kit with mirror monitor, Amazon


ESSENTIAL for Mr WB's job (and harmony with the teenager!) We need to be able to charge all things electronic as we travel and also if we wild camp for a few days. This has never let us down.

Take a look: Powersource Inverter, Amazon


We've only used this a handful of times but it's been consistently reliable.

Take a look: Clarke 1.2kw Generator, Amazon


So many people love our kettle- and so do we! Yes, it's a little more pricey than others on the market, but we're using one which has lasted us 8 years and counting so far! It's a great investment- especially if you're like us and use it hourly!!

Take a look: Le Creuset whistling kettle, Amazon

Collapsible sofa

We've only had this for a few months, but I am completely in love. Perfectly fine for two adults, but even more comfy for one curled up in the sunshine with a good book and a glass of wine. #justsaying

Take a look: Twin Folding Chair, Amazon


We use and love the EE dongle. Unless we're wild camping in the middle of Austria or up a mountain in Switzerland, it has never let us down.

Take a look: EE dongle, Amazon

12v Hairdryer

A necessity if you travel in winter or to cold places. A good one of these is like gold-dust. I'll admit, when you compare it to a 'normal' hairdryer, it's nowhere near as good. But I've now tried several and this is the best we've found so far!!

Take a look: 12v Hairdryer, Amazon

Motorhome logbook

We love writing a logbook for our boat- and a motorhome is no different. We fill ours with funny events, silly songs we sing, people we meet... and it's an amazing reference to look back on every few months and remember the little things we've forgotten.

Take a look: Motorhome logbook, Amazon

Find Your Freedom T-Shirts

Ladies T-shirts

Wandering Bird now has it's very own range of T-shirts! Whoop. Available for men and women in a wide range of colours,  styles and sizes, we love the design and the great quality of the shirt. (Prices from £14.99)

Unisex T-shirts

Suitable for men and women, these t-shirts are hard-wearing and come with either a large or small logo. Perfect for adventures! (From £13.99)

Motorbike Kit we Trust

We don't ride at crazy speeds- we prefer to enjoy the scenery and places we're riding through. But we DO ride in countries where the drivers are a little... more creative about road laws... than others. Trusting in your gear is essential. Here are some of our favourites:

Motolug Trailer

This trailer is AWESOME. Seriously, it's been with us since BEFORE we got our first motorhome and it's done every mile we've travelled. It collapses down so you can store it in a shed or put it in your car boot if you don't need it, and it's more than capable of carrying half a tonne of motorbikes around the world. We are not kind to either our motorhome or out bikes, and this trailer has been down some roads which can barely be described as roads. If you want an adventure trailer, this is what we recommend. (Not even an affiliate link- we just love it!)

Take a look: Motolug


I LOVE my Shoei GT-air, mainly because of the drop down sun visor in these. It makes it sooooo convenient when you ride around a corner and suddenly the sun is in your eyes. We're also a big fan of Arais, but now my Shoei has been custom painted I won't be changing it for a while!! Mr WB recently got a Schuberth Adventure, which has a flip-up front. I think he looks a little like a hippo, but he says it super comfortable.

Take a look: Shoei GT- Air helmet, Amazon

Bike intercoms

We love chatting as we ride. It makes the whole thing much more fun as we share the experience together. If Jade joins us she likes to listen to her music, so Mr WB and I happily chat away about all sorts of random rubbish. We got these Sena intercoms because they fit into both my Shoei and Mr WB's Schuberth without any problem (you need to buy the correct kit for each helmet). You can't feel them at all when they're in, they last for hours and they're very clear. I'd like to improve the range- it's only about a quarter mile at most, so if someone gets stuck at a junction you might lose signal, but otherwise they're a great bit of kit.

Take a look: Sena 10U motorcycle intercom, Amazon


This blog started in 2017 as an online diary of our adventures for our friends and family. We were AMAZED when other people started tuning in to our videos on YouTube or commenting on our posts- it's still an amazing feeling to know we are helping other people have their own adventures.

Since then, we've changed the focus a little- less of our diary (although that's still there) and more answering questions we are asked by our lovely readers (that's YOU by the way!) As the blog grows, so do the commitments in both time and money. Many of you have asked how you can contribute a little something to help keep it going and say 'Thank You' if we've helped you out at all- and we are extremely grateful for the thought and support.

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