About Us

‘We could do it you know. Buy a van and explore the world…’


We said this to each other on top of a mountain in the Swiss Alps in August 2017. We had been exploring in our little motorhome for around 4 weeks and we were completely hooked. In that time we’d explored part of England, Wales, Scotland, France, Italy, Leichtenstein and now Switzerland. We’d learnt how to wild camp, how to find water and remove waste, how to store things so they didn’t rattle or break and how to not kill each other. We came back from that trip as changed people.

Here’s a video of our adventures in 2017, although fair warning…. it might want to make you sell up and go exploring!

The Plan

We realised how little we needed to enjoy a full and adventurous life. We were aware of how much STUFF we had that we never used and how much money we spend each month storing it. We immediately started saving and planning how to change our life for the better- to live simpler, freer and explore more. We managed to meet our goals in just over 6 months- and I have now left my career in order to give us more time to travel. If you’d like to see how we did it, click here:


We’ve lived on boats for the past 14 years and are surprised by how many of the skills transfer from one lifestyle to the next. It certainly made it easy to adapt to living in small spaces and rummaging through cupboards to find the salt.

The first van we bought was completely wrong for us, but we love that little van as it opened our eyes to vanlife. In October 2017 we changed our motorhome for one which suits us better- gives us space for working on the road, space to entertain guests and space for us and a hormonal teenager to be in separate parts of the van without annoying each other! Here’s our new van:


When we’re not enjoying vanlife (or when our families demand to see us) we can be found on our boat in the UK or riding our motorbikes. We are the proud owners of two Triumph Scramblers and we often tow them behind our motorhome so that we can ride them wherever we end up- it’s our favourite way to explore new places and they give us freedom to find places off the beaten track that we wouldn’t go with our motorhome.

We often explore with our teenage daughter, who loves the vanlife so much that she wants to have her own van adventures after college… what have we done! Watch this space to see if we actually allow her to go (or more to the point buy her a van of her own!)

2018 Plan

Ooooohhh, it’s gonna be so exciting! We’re starting with France, then Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, NORWAY, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia and who knows where after that!! We’re hoping to head to Spain & Portugal for the winter… and possibly Morocco.

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